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Impression Management, Engagement, and Workaholics

- Beauties and beasts in an organization  - 
I am pretty sure you have them all in your organization, across different levels and hierarchies but different implication for the organization 

Culture Reloaded

Increasingly people are talking about good or bad culture in the organization. Often not specified which element they are referring to.
The article clarifies the meaning of culture, people in the cultural network and how to change an organizational culture. 

Future Trends

How much can an organization carry?

Value Shift

Todays’ business reality with all the changes associated with create a lot of new opportunities for the workforce. New jobs emerges whereas other jobs disappear. 
New behaviour and attitude are required. 
On the other side it also has to be recognized that a new set of values has risen importance.

The Power of Values at Work 

Why is it important for organizations to care about employees’ values and beliefs while being asked to generate profit?  

Business Lifecycle - employee values – corporate values

Who is sitting in the driver seat?

Der Masterplan Chinas Weg zur Hightech Weltwirtschaft

I really believe China has a “Masterplan” as outlined in the book. During my time as an HR leader, I travelled to China 3-5 times a year for 16 years and have seen how this country has boomed. I would agree that it seems everything done there has a greater purpose.

Recommended Readings

Corporate culture as the root cause of crisis in companies.  

Nonsense, or?
Hardly to believe, that corporate culture can be the source of a crisis in the company

Can Layoffs actuall improve your corporate culture?

Strange question, isn’t it? 
The answer: it depends on how the lay-off process has been managed. Secondly, How many people have been taken out again and again. 

How Much Do A Company's Ethics Matter In The Modern Professional Climate?

Employees are becoming more sensitive about the ethical practices within a company the author claims. With this it can be concluded that ethics are more important than they’ve been in past decades.

8 Ways Ageism in the Workplace Impacts Your Business

Diversity is a hot topic and many companies praise themselves about the numerous female initiative they initiated and still plan to do. But, in our todays' business reality where the workforce span across four different generations and across multiple different cultures, diversity is more than sponsoring female programs.

Why should HR own Organizational Effectivenesstiveness

Organizational effectiveness is not just about the performance of the organization. It has a lot to do with people management, a productive, engaged and thriving workforce. The role of human resource management is to strategically manage people. 

Why People Really Quit Their Jobs

     Countless times the saying: People do not leave an organization – they leave a boss- has been posted. Surprisingly survey made by the authors of the article found a different truth. Most people left due to how the job was designed. Of course, it is the duty of bosses to ensure the jobs created are meaningful, enjoyable and support career development. Managers who do miss this task run the risk to lose first most talented employees  


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Mythos Value Alignment Teil I und Teil II  


Ralph Berndt (Hrsg.)

During her doctoral study Dr. Dull published the chapter “The Social System in China, published in 2007 in Internationale Wettbewerbsstrategien, Springer Berlin Heidelberg 978-3-540-74585-3 (Print) 978-3-540-74586-0.

Worlds Economy 2010

Ralph Berndt (Hrsg.)

During her doctoral study Dr. Dull published the chapter „Wie kollektive Werte dem Unternehmen zu einer nachhaltigen Performance Culture verhelfen können“, published in 2009 in Weltwirtschaft 2010, Springer Berlin Heidelberg 978-3-642-02082-7 (Print) 978-3-642-02083-4.  


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Surveys we did.

Organizational Effectiveness

– similar or different by regions – 

Diversity and Engagement

Engagement depends on where employees are based, but also the Generation they belong to.

Ethic an Moral in Organizations

- just lip services -?

Organizational Effectiveness

Loyalty in China

An investigation in China


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