Pathways to an Effective Organization


Investigating value discrepancies and measuring effectiveness

Value discrepancies 
To identify value differences within the organization employees are asked to rate a number of organizational values from two perspectives: 

•    How important are these elements for them 
•    How important are these elements for the organization as perceived. 
The result provide an overview about how big or small the GAP is between both viewpoints. 
Another important outcome of the survey is to see the unfiltered reality -what’s really going on in the organization.

Measuring effectiveness 
Another part of the questionnaire is to measure effectiveness. For this people self-assess the four characteristics such as 

•    Emotional Exhaustion 
•    Loyalty 
•    Productivity 
•    Engagement at work

The results will be provided as nice graphs, making it very easy for you to capture areas that need to be improved.  


To analyse the impact of organizational values on the effectiveness in an organization 

The impact of organizational values on effectiveness 
Applying different statistical methods we are able to show which organizational values are highly important/less important for employees. 

In addition we offer to investigate how strong the impact of organizational values are on 

•    Emotional Exhaustion 
•    Loyalty 
•    Productivity 
•    Engagement at work 

The outcome of the predictive data analysis can be perfectly used to determine strategical or operational actions to improve the effectiveness. 

Apart from this, the questionnaire is a useful tool to identify specific people development activities but also to compare value preferences, or the effectiveness, between different groups. 

For both pathways the right HRM systems, processes and guidelines play an essential role. 
This makes it very likely that value differences will be reduced or that the impact of organizational values on effectiveness will go up. 
However, each firm has to find the right management systems that fit to their culture. 
More important, to take into account, what works in one national culture does not work in another. 
One SIZE FIT is not working anymore in todays’ business reality.  

Your Success:
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