The questionnaire used is validated and academic proven. It has been applied for several international research projects. 

The questionnaire consists of three parts

Part I

Value Statements

The first part of the survey includes a number of value items relevant for a successful and goal-orientated corporation for nearly every organization. 
The participants are asked to rate the questions from two perspectives: 


How important is this element for me?


How important is this element for my organization as perceived?

Part II

Organizational Effectiveness

In this part of the questionnaire participants are invited to rate some statements about their personal work attitude. 

Part III

Demographic Data 

The last section of the survey request information about: 

•    Gender
•    Location 
•    Region or
•    To cross a certain age category

We do not ask for the exact age.
It is also possible to add some other selection criteria if desired. 


The Analysis Tool can be used on all common systems, formats and devices.  


Some standardized data can be directly downloaded from the system. 
However, to get a full insight about value conflicts that may stop your organization to become more effective it is suggested to ask for a detailed analysis  with key findings and recommendations.

1.       Comparison of Value Preferences

2.         Effective Organization 

Identify the hidden opportunities to improve the effectiveness in your organization.